I am one of those people who loves love – the possibility of love and the idea of love – LOVE makes me happy. I also enjoy DIY projects and spoiling all of the children in my life. This will be our Goddaughter’s 1st Valentines day so I wanted to make it special by personalizing a Box of Love for her.

Her mother says she has too much stuff (*rolls eyes*) and not enough space and she will only be 9 months old in two days so I kept it simple. There were SO many more items I wanted to include but I ultimately settled on 3 packs hair bows, 2 teething rings, 4 pairs of LOVE socks, 2 plastic easy clean bibs and one lady bug cuddle stuffed animal.

Here’s what I did.

I used a small USPS flat rate shipping box and covered the outside with brown paper (for easy shipping) and the inside with red shiny wrapping paper. Normally I would have used a novelty box of some sort but due to the aforementioned space reasons, this one can easily be tossed.

After covering it red, I added crinkly filler tissue.


There was no shortage of stickers because I snagged about 5 packs of various styles and colors for a total of $3.50 at Hobby Lobby.



I used some sharpie markers and a stencil to write out “My 1st”. In hindsight I would use a lighter paper for the letter background, but she’s months so I doubt she will judge me (crosses fingers).


This is the final product!


What do you think? Do you enjoy DIY holiday gifts?


With Love,

Our Joyful Family



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